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We are constantly trying to improve our programs and we always ask for student evaluations; they enable us to make improvements to provide the best program for our students. The comments honestly and thoughtfully expressed provide a picture of the experiences of our students. What recent participants had to say about the program at the MLSA/Universidad de Costa Rica.


"I have been a teacher (not Spanish) for 30 years and a good test is a test in which you learn. I learned from each of the four written tests and each of the four oral presentations. Excellent!"
Michael Collins, West Palm Beach, FL

"We had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about linguistics and current theories in language teaching, which I will be able to apply in my classroom."
Anne Chavez, Lexington, MA

"My literature instructor was full of enthusiasm and her knowledge of the subject matter and interest in the topics covered were evident. She told the class that she was giving us 100% of her time and effort and expected no less from us in return. She paid for several class materials out-of-pocket. She really did care for us. I enjoyed my experience in her class immensely."
Andrea Maresh, Colorado Springs, CO

"I was really impressed by the textbook, but I think the teachers were the best feature of the course."
Johanna Cruz, Chesapeake, VA

The small class size and comfortable atmosphere in the conversation class helped me learn. I thought the field trips with the culture class were an excellent way to learn about culture, especially since this could not be done if I had taken the class in the U.S."
Jennifer Babin, Huntsville, AL

"The instructors were great, I loved that everything was explained well and in Spanish."
Nicole Hodelin, Virginia Beach, VA

"My instructors were genial and engaging. Clearly, they had great respect for all of us and insisted that we do our best. The teachers made the classes fun with interesting projects, assignments, games."
Aimee Fournier, Astoria, NY

"I was very impressed with Carla's instruction. She was always well prepared, presented the material well, and linked everything together in an effective and comprehensible manner."
Elizabeth Brennan, Lexington, KY

"I loved every single text I read here-two amazing literature classes! The exams were a challenge, which I was looking forward to this month. I really enjoyed the way the teachers taught the classes, listened very carefully to our responses, and were there for us when we needed help."
Rigoberto Bravo, Jr., Fayette, MO

Both instructors exceeded expectations. They were incredibly knowledgeable, brought in interesting and current materials, and even took us on a field trip to see the play of a book we read."
Kelsie Goodman, Kirksville, MO

"The instructors were amazing. They always answered questions and came prepared with new ideas and activities to help us review."
Lauren Livingston, Batavia, IL

"Excellent instructors, well prepared and well organized. Varied teaching techniques, good sense of humor, very patient."
Patricia Kimbrell, Grand Junction, CO

The exams were very fair and covered the material we were taught. We were informed on the materials and told ahead of time when they would be. The instructors were also very fair. They were easy to understand and always willing to help."
Kathryn Palmer, Clarksville, GA

Sergio was wonderful and communicated everything in an understandable and fun way. Maria Madrigal was also great-she filled in a lot of gaps I'd missed and made class fun."
Jordan Castillejo, State Road, ND

"For the conversation class, the teacher was very interactive and creative. She had new things for the students to do every day. She made each day very interesting. For the composition class, the teacher was very willing to give me extra help in writing and I improved exponentially."
Celeste Mayhew, Glendora, CA

"I learned more Spanish in one month than I have in all of my other classes."
Megan Broderick, Charleston, SC

"Both courses were stimulating, motivating, reinforcing (that I knew a lot already), and revitalizing."
Karen Morse, Wrangell, AK

"My teachers were good, and the lessons were at a good pace."
Alex Bahr, Virginia Beach, VA

"Gabriela is very nice and challenging. I really enjoyed her class. The same goes for Marta Madrigal. Marta made my very early mornings enjoyable."
Marielle Brinda, Chicago, IL

"My instructors were awesome. They took the time to make sure we understood concepts that were complicated, but important."
Kimberly Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO

"Ilse was awesome; she went out of her way to make the material interesting, entertaining, and informative."
Jason Caruso, Irvine, CA

"The instructors were both excited and eager to teach us the language."
Kimberly Coates, Elaine, AR

"Both instructors are wonderful--very knowledgeable, willing to do multiple examples, and clearly explain things that we don’t understand."
Carrie DeBlois, Allston, MA

"The teachers were really thorough with the material. They were very patient with the students."
Cindy Eaton, Oklahoma City, OK

"Instructor for 530 was very good. She is passionate, intelligent, and creative. She projects her ideas well. I was pleased."
Alicia Eisen-Cuadra, Long Beach, NY

"Both of my instructors were friendly and enthusiastic when teaching. They were very knowledgeable about their subjects."
Stephanie Finch, Memphis, TN

"The instructors challenged us and yet were fun and creative."
Tim Fisher, Marseilles, IL

"Excellent! Gabby and Cindy are wonderful teachers."
Patsy Gilbert, Athens, TX

"The instructors were great. They were both eager to answer any questions we had and repeat things that we were confused about."
Jonathan Gonzales, Okolina, AR

"My composition teacher was very good. She is funny and made the class very fun."
Mustafa Haddad, Martin, TN

"Students are required to be a major part of class instruction."
Willie Harris, Taylors, SC

"Gabi and Cindy were both wonderful. I felt like they wanted us to learn and understand and went out of their way to give individual help and feedback."
Amanda Hendrix, Ballwin, MO

"The instructors were fantastic. I wish we had near as fine of instructors in our university."
Elizabeth Janin, Colorado Springs, CO

"My two instructors, Karla and Ilse, were amazing! A million times better than any I have ever had in the U.S."
Michelle Jennings, Folsom, CA

"Courses are intense and cover a lot of material in a short amount of time."
Marilyn Lankford, Spartanburg, SC

"The instructors are awesome! They know what they are doing, and they understand where we are coming from."
Elizabeth Murphy, Delmar, NY

"The instructors were fabulous; they are very kind and helpful and generous on the scoring. I’ve learned a lot in the classes because of them and had an excellent classroom experience."
Leah Nixon, Arkadelphia, AR

"Both did an excellent job. Karla was full of life and made every class enjoyable. Her English was unbelievable. Rocio did wonderfully teaching a subject I normally find unexciting (grammar)."
Sarah Norman, Memphis, TN

"My teachers are great. They make the atmosphere in the classroom really fun. The class was very small, only six people, so it was very intimate setting where the teachers could work more one-on-one with you."
Katie Phelps, Murfreesboro, TN

"We went on field trips in our one class, which was a good break away from the classroom."
Katilin Slaper, North Perry, OH

"Professor Amoretti is unforgettably amazing. She will be in my heart forever."
Erin Smith, Chesapeake, VA

"Both of my instructors were great. They guided the discussion of the classroom and left plenty of space for everyone to express their own beliefs and ideas."
Jacqueline Tabares, Bridgewater, MA

"Both instructors were great. Carlos has such a passion for what he does that it makes you want to do that much more to show appreciation for his work. Irene was patient and helpful in our conversation class. She didn’t make you feel stupid if you made a mistake. She encouraged us and made us feel confident with the language."
Christine Tufano, Ridge, NY

"Very nice instructors. Very patient and helpful. They make me want to return and continue learning Spanish."
Lisa White, Memphis, TN

"Maria Amoretti brings literature to life! As a teacher, I learned how to excite students about challenging subjects."
Elizabeth Williams, Norfolk, VA

"My classes were interesting and insightful. Everyone I met was o nice and helpful. My professors (Professor Murillo and Leda Rodriguez) were incredible They made the classes fun and interesting. They showed a genuine love of what they do and that made the classroom and enjoyable place to be. They were the BEST!"
Danielle Lander, Bay Shore, NY

"I had the best instructors for both my classes. Dona Flor did an excellent job with the composition class. If students were having trouble with an area of study, she went out of her way to make sure we understood the material. Don Alvarado made the class very enjoyable to attend. His teaching techniques gave me, taught me how I would like my classroom to be someday."
Michael L. Schroeder, Manitowoc, WI

"Maria Amoretti is the best! I truly appreciated the passion with which she taught! I learned a lot! Jorge Murillo is an awesome instructor. He knows the material extremely well. I learned a lot!"
Jeffrey Zieleniewski, Clinton NJ

"Both instructors were awesome. They are very knowledgeable in their areas and friendly. Prof. Amoretti came up with very creative ways to get us to learn, and Prof. Arias. "
Elizabeth Klein, Stillwater, MN

"The teachers were my favorite part of the program! They were excellent! They really knew how to teach Spanish and were very patient to explain things clearly. We had a great discussions in class too (in Spanish) about culture, life, and people. They were so kind and so helpful and made class really enjoyable."

"In the conversation class, I loved or group discussions, and our presentations. They were on fun topics and really challenged me to better my Spanish. I really enjoyed our discussions in grammar class also; we went through the material at a pace where we would really learn it well."
Alyssa Thomas, Tulsa, OK

"Maria Amoretti; no hay palabras para explicar esta maestra. Ella es una maestra maravillosa! No me gustababa la literatura antes de tomar su clase, pero despues de tomarla estoy enamorada de la literatura."
Christina Allen, Olathe, CO

"Both instructors, prof Murillo and Prof. Amoretti were highly qualified and very animated. I truly enjoyed the culture course because of the captivating lectures and the skills used by Profesora Amoretti. Prof. Murillo made learning fun in a really relaxed atmosphere. I will take both experiences to heart."
Talia Palacio, Southhaven, MS

"My literature instructor was such a passionate teacher, she infused the class with passion and energy."
Chelsea Di Donato,West Chester, PA

"In literature class, Maria Amoretti was the best feature of the course, because the poetry and literature would not have come to life is she did not involve her passion in the course. Mara Amoretti was a very passionate teacher and I have never been more challenged in all of my life."
Shelly Barnett, Memphis, TN


"I have traveled in 94 countries and this entire experience was one of the great highlights of my life. The courses were extremely well-structured; the professors were magnificent. The country is absolutely breathtaking and Ticos are the most tranquilo, amiable, simpatico, paciente gente en el mundo."
Michael Collins, West Palm Beach, FL

"I think you've done a great job of addressing many levels of student proficiency. Students at all levels comment positively about being challenged here. I would recommend this program to both former students and colleagues (teachers)."
Erik Gronberg, Minneapolis, MN

"I have been part of this program for two years and it is well organized. Everyone has been helpful and accommodating. I felt that any time we needed something, help was there."
Christine Tufano, Ridge, NY

"The program is wonderful, well organized, and well run. The directors were always concerned and extremely helpful and ready to do anything to make sure our experience and our classes were positive."
Lakeisha Chism, Memphis, TN

"It's an awesome opportunity for any student to study a language and to learn about another culture. You get the opportunity to meet students from all over the world."
Thomasina McMichael, Memphis, TN

"Costa Rica 2007 was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I was glad that I was able to challenge myself academically but still have plenty of time to meet Costa Ricans and travel to many of Costa Rica's breathtaking destinations. This mix of education and travel opportunities is exactly what a study abroad experience should contain."
Andy Beckstrom, Bangor, WI

"Awesome program! Well organized and very fun. I feel like I have learned a lot here. The work has challenged me to become better at Spanish. Plus, having the opportunity to travel on the long weekends was fantastic."
Stephany Cramer, Onalaska, WI

"It was a great learning experience and I made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life."
Andrew Winkler, San Marcos, TX

"It was well organized, professional, and an awesome value for the price."
Georgia Ennis, Whitmore Lake, MI

"I would highly recommend this program to other students as well as other individuals I know who are interested in learning Spanish."
Nicole Manigo, Greenville, SC

"Great work putting together a program for so many different levels. Thanks! No matter the level of current achievement, there are courses to continue one's learning of Spanish in a fresh way."
Cecil Roth, Jamestown, ND

"Costa Rica has been interesting and the total immersion has been a great way to learn."
Deena Daniels, Grand Junction, CO

"A+ ! Very helpful, super nice, informational. Makes everything clear for you. Great prices, great university, and great professors."
Nicole Sykes, Lincolnton, NC

"Very good program. I enjoyed it greatly and learned a lot of Spanish. Everyone is very helpful and they make you feel 'at home'."
Alicia Wilson, Milwaukee, WI

"There is nothing like instruction followed by practice. Living with a family and in a community in which Spanish is spoken is an irreplaceable experience."
Mark Brown, Jamestown, ND

"Great staff of workers to set up such a successful program."
Anthony Roth, Jamestown, ND

"It was good to have everyone's contact numbers in case we needed to reach them. Everyone seemed so nice and helpful; it really made this process a lot easier!"
Shawna Grubb, Colorado Springs, CO

"I liked having the educational aspect of the classes along with the home stays and the cultural aspect of the program! I thought it was a very positive experience overall."
Jill Widmer, Kalona, IA

"Is a great program for a tight budget."
William Alley, Daleville, AL

"I loved my study abroad experience with MLSA. I would definitely recommend this program to others."
Megan Broderick, Charleston, SC

"It’s well-organized, uses an excellent university with excellent teachers, wonderful excursions, great host families, etc., etc."
Karen Morse, Wrangell, AK

"The program is great, it’s up to the student to make it a good experience."
Alex Bahr, Virginia Beach, VA

"If you want to meet good and very kind people, go through MLSA."
Marielle Brinda, Chicago, IL

"The program was really organized. The program organizers knew me by name. We learned so much. It was definitely an experience to remember."
Kimberly Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO

"If you want to learn Spanish and experience the culture of a Hispanic country, this is the perfect program."
Jason Caruso, Irvine, CA

"It has been the experience of a lifetime!"
Kimberly Coates, Elaine, AR

"Very good. Would definitely do it all over again. MLSA was on top of things."
Kelly Delaney, Portsmouth, VA

"I was really impressed by the program overall."
Cindy Eaton, Oklahoma City, OK

"Excellent job in communicating prior to the trip--efficient and timely getting information to us."
Kelli Ebel, Sulphur Bluffs, TX

"I was very pleased with the program and directors. It is clear that a great amount of effort, time, and thought goes into planning this wonderful program. I learned more than I expected. I challenged myself and experienced many new and wonderful things. Many intercultural relationships were formed and I am extremely thankful to MLSA for providing me with this incredible experience."
Alicia Eisen-Cuadra, Long Beach, NY

"Anyone wanting an intense immersion in Spanish and the Costa Rican culture should consider this program... but prepare to work hard, it’s not just a party and a beautiful place, it’s an education."
Bonita Felt, Plano, IL

" I learned a lot and got to see so much of this beautiful country. This experience was way better than I expected. It was a great way to spend a month."
Collette Fischer, Roseville, MN

"I was pleased to see that the directors truly cared about our comfort in our homes and our comfort and accurate placement in our classes."
Tim Fisher, Marseilles, IL

"I thought the program was well run. Someone always responded to me via email/phone when I had a question. The program was well organized, and Nancy the director was approachable."
Charlotte Gates, Pittsburgh, PA

"The program was the best one I could have chosen to go on. Pura Vide!"
Erin Gutting, Ft. Collins, CO

"I think it is a great program. Whenever I had a problem, the directors always helped me."
Mustafa Haddad, Martin, TN

"MLSA is the perfect balance of pre-planned and organized activities and independent activities. I loved MLSA; if you have any problems there is someone to help you! My family was amazing. And the experience was unforgettable."
Jaime Hanks, Austin, TX

"Second to none! It was a great program, well worth the money."
Jonathan Holem, Linn, MO

"I liked the program. It was challenging, yet possible to succeed. This program is really personable and supports all of its students."
Benjamin Schmidt, Sweet Home, OR

"MLSA is a wonderful program. It is very well organized, with great professors who challenge you and take you to the next level, while making sure you have fun at the same time. Nancy Ruiz is amazing! I didn’t want the month to end. Thank you, MLSA!"
Erin Smith, Chesapeake, VA

"It is a program that includes many different types of classes from beginner to grad level classes. For me, it was great to find a program that offers grad level classes at the price that MLSA offers."
Jacqueline Tabares, Bridgewater, MA

"Everything about this program has proven to be a rewarding experience for me. From the host family I stayed with to the directors, the teachers, and all the wonderful people I met during my stay here. Just being surrounded by everything “tico” and being able to tour the country has left a lasting impression. I’ve discovered (once again) the passion of a culture and everything it entails. The memories and friendships I created will last a lifetime."
Christine Tufano, Ridge, NY

"Very well planned program. I will definitely consider returning if possible."
Lisa White, Memphis, TN

"The program was great, I hope my university picks up the program so other students can enjoy studying abroad. The price was great and affordable."
Daniell Williams, Edmond, OK

"MLSA is a superb program. This is my second experience in San Jose with MLSA, and they only seem to improve."
Elizabeth Williams, Norfolk, VA

"Nancy and Vicky were extremely helpful and concerned with the students. It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone."
Valerie Wooten, Shreveport, LA

"The MLSA program overall was an amazing experience for me. I really feel that this program change me as a person. In the short time I was there, I feel I have grown so much. I learned so much about the Costa Rican people and their culture.. The MLSA staff was always helpful and there when we needed them. The staff is wonderful, intelligent and energetic with a wonderful spirit. They have created an exceptional program. Nancy Ruiz is also another exceptional person who is extremely helpful, well organized and caring. I give compliments and my gratitude to all that have made this program possible. I enjoyed myself immensely and I look forward t studying with MLSA in the future."
Danielle Lander, Bay Shore, NY

"This is an amazing program. It is affordable to students and so well organized. Dr. Ruiz and Nancy were incredibly helpful and gracious, and I always felt like they were going above and beyond to make sure that everyone was having a good experience."
Dr. Myra J. Watts, Jamestown, ND

"The program was awesome. Throughout the whole process I was always informed about what I needed to do and what to expect. The director were so kind an so helpful, they did a lot of work so that we students would have a great experience, which I did. "
Alyssa Thomas, Tulsa, OK

"The directors are awesome. If I ever had a problem or a question, it would be handled as soon as possible. Thank you very much for the experience. I don't think I could have asked for a better summer."
Jeannie L. Glienna, Virginia Beach, VA

"This was my first trip outside of the United States. It has been a month now and I can not stop talking about my experience in Costa Rica. Besides my wedding, this was probably one of the best experiences in my life. This experience makes me want to travel more in order to experience other countries and cultures."
Michael L. Schroeder, Manitowoc, WI

"Everything was great! It would be extremely interesting to see an MLSA program in South America. I would definitely go! The price is the best, and the education received is top-notch."
Jeffrey Zieleniewski, Clinton NJ

"Esta experiencia fue fabulosa en muchas maneras. Ustedes saben como hacer un programa bien organizado. Nunca olvidare este viaje. Gracias por hacerlo posible y por toda su bondad y trabajo."
Christina Allen, Olathe,CO

"Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent in Costa Rica and I think that a lot of that enjoyment comes from how helpful and organized the people of the MLSA are. I would go back to Costa Rica through this program in a heartbeat."
Kala Christensen, Jamestown, ND

"Overall, the program was well organized and the directors, I could tell, knew what they were doing and how important it was for us. I thought everything ran smoothly and I had a great time."
Julie Robinson, Clinton, WA

"Dr. Ruiz and Mrs. Ruiz were more than helpful throughout the process. Overall, they made the transition of America to Costa Rica very smooth. I give them a 10."
Talia Palacio, Southaven, MS

"The program was well organized and run, and I would do it again in a second. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn , have fun and experience a new and interesting culture."
Chelsea Di Donato, West Chester, PA

"This program was much better than I expected. Thank you to everyone who has been involved! I learned more in the program than I did in 2 years of studying Spanish in college."
Amanda S. Hubbell, Waterford, PA

"Every member of my family was very kind and accommodating. Many of them took me places: shopping, sightseeing, out for meals, visiting other family members, and friends, etc. They also helped me to find my way around the city, e.g., internet café and bank, and to make long-distance calls, and to change money."
Anne Chavez, Lexington, MA,

"I could not have asked for a better family! They treated us like one of the family and were so helpful and open; I already have plans for my Tico family to visit me in my hometown in Michigan, USA!"
Antonia Perry, Westland, MI

"Dona Rita had her family are amazing. She always made me feel as if I were a part of the family and she always tried her best to help me and make sure that I had fun and explored Costa Rica and stayed safe. She never complained once about anything and always made me feel completely comfortable and at home."
Lakeisha Chism, Memphis, TN

"My madre tico treated me like a son. Any individual would be extremely lucky to have someone as wonderful as her. I cannot speak highly enough of her. She made me feel as if this was my country."
David Driscoll, Memphis, TN

"This family was the best. They really made my experience in Costa Rica a memorable one. I enjoyed living in their home. They were always willing/available to help with my Spanish conversation and that helped me learn a lot as well."
Shanika Wright, Memphis, TN

"This was a wonderful family to stay with. They were never anything but kind. My meals were always delicious and my room was always immaculate. I am going to miss them very much. They are wonderful people who genuinely care about the well-being of the students in their charge."
James Nelson, Ann Arbor, MI

"My husband and I loved our family. Maria has been one of the best teachers I've had; she is always willing to sit and talk with us and correct our pronunciation. The food is amazing; she keeps the house clean; and her husband and children are wonderful-they have made us feel at home and like we are part of the family."
Georgia Ennis, Whitmore Lake, MI

"My family was amazing! You can't get better than this family. It seemed like I never left home at all. I am looking forward to coming back next year."
Rigoberto Bravo, Jr., Fayette, MO

"Host family was incredible. Very professional and warm. Felt welcome in home. Family was very resourceful in studies and Costa Rican life."
Janice Cavolt, Virginia Beach, VA

"The experience I have had with my Costa Rican family is priceless because of immersion not only in the tico culture but because of the love that they gave me."
Joshua Lynch, Chesapeake, VA

"My family was excellent, very accepting and willing to help; the food was great and there was plenty of it. The family was awesome, very kind and respectful to me. I could not have asked for a better family."
Charles McNamee, Grand Junction, CO

"The family was a wonderful supplement to the overall experience. I was able to practice speaking with my house mother for several hours a day. The situation was relaxed, which helped greatly with the comfort level."
Charles Manley, Whitmore Lake, MI

"They were like the grandparents I never had-I just love them. The food and living condition was amazing. They are very nice and understanding. I would come back just to visit them."
Alina Garbuz, Westfield, MA

"My family was great, we all got along well. They were all very helpful and talked to me a lot."
Alex Bahr, Virginia Beach, VA

"They were wonderful and very sweet."
Marielle Brinda, Chicago, IL

"I loved my tica family. They did everything to make me feel at home."
Kimberly Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO

"My family was/is great, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay."
Jason Caruso, Irvine, CA

"I love my family!"
Kimberly Coates, Elaine, AR

"I had a great living situation--the family was wonderful, very kind, willing to help with any questions I had, and took good care of me."
Carrie DeBlois, Allston, MA

"I loved my family! I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience."
Kelly Delaney, Portsmouth, VA

"Myrna is a delight--always cheerful and she goes overboard to help us out."
Xavier de la Prade, Nicasio, CA

"Isabel was absolutely amazing! I was very fortunate to have her as a host mom. I felt right at home from day one."
Cindy Eaton, Oklahoma City, OK

"Fantastic host family--could not expect any better--very gracious, open, helpful--I felt very welcomed and loved. She’s a wonderful cook--exposing us to new foods, but always concerned about our preferences. All family members eager to help with homework/general info."
Kelli Ebel, Sulphur Bluffs, TX

"I was extremely pleased with my host family placement."
Alicia Eisen-Cuadra, Long Beach, NY

"I love my family. They were very nice and hospitable. The food was great. They made me feel at home and welcome."
Stephanie Finch, Memphis, TN

"They welcomed me with open arms. They were friendly and funny and extremely helpful."
Collette Fischer, Roseville, MN

"Maritza was a wonderful host mom; full of life and wisdom."
Charlotte Gates, Pittsburgh, PA

"Giselle is an amazing person. She worked so hard to make every day a good one for me."
Patsy Gilbert, Athens, TX

"This family consists of some of the nicest, most caring people I have encountered in my life."
Jonathan Gonzales, Okolina, AR

"The best thing about this whole trip was my family. I automatically felt at home."
Mustafa Haddad, Martin, TN

"The family was great. They were very kind and treated us with respect. They talked with us and helped us with our homework. They are a spectacular family."
Jonathan Holem, Linn, MO

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about this family! I feel like I am a part of this family, and did from day one! She only wants the students to be happy and enjoy their stay in her home, and she does everything possible to make sure of it. When I went away on the weekends, I would actually miss “my tico home” because they are awesome."
Michelle Jennings, Folsom, CA

"This family is amazing! My mama taught me how to cook some Costa Rican dishes, did our laundry, cooked for us al the time, and kept everything very clean."
Katie Phelps, Murfreesboro, TN

"This family is simply wonderful. They welcomed me into their home not as a guest but rather as a son."
Benjamin Schmidt, Sweet Home, OR

"I feel my tico mother helped me learn a lot and always helped me when I needed it. Very loving and special family."
Kelly Siegel, Perry, OH

"This has been a wonderful homestay. They are very kind people. I felt very taken care of, and that they truly did care about me as a person."
Erin Smith, Chesapeake, VA

"I really enjoyed the stay I had with my family. They helped me with any information that I needed and were very welcoming."
Jacqueline Tabares, Bridgewater, MA

"I came in not knowing what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised. She helped me learn more Spanish and treated the students as if they were her own children. And her family is awesome."
Patrick Wiltse, Germantown, TN

"My family was amazing! They were wonderful. Great food. I had my own bathroom. We did a lot together."
Ernest J. Kabelka, Massapequa Park, NY

"The family I was in made the experience so much richer, and I know that was true for all our students (Jamestown College). I was so pleased with how smoothly everything went for us all. Excellent!!!. "
Dr. Myra Watts. Jamestown, ND

"Maritza was a wonderful hostess. Her family was so caring and considerate. They made me feel like a daughter in their home. We have become family even in the short time I was there. They demonstrated how caring and friendly Costa Rican families are. They made my trip comforting in a very caring way."
Amanda S. Hubbell, Waterford, PA

"Spending time with my host family was the best valuable part of my trip to Costa Rica. Immediately after I arrived. I felt like part of the family. I learned very much from them about culture of Costa Rica. I can't wait to go back and visit with them again. This family was very warm and welcoming. My host mom prepared excellent food and the house was very comfortable. Instead of leaving town on weekends with other students I stayed home with my family and even went to my mom's sisters home with her."
Jessica Lichaa - Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, CO

"My family was so kind, generous and loving. I felt at home from the moment I stepped through the door. I honestly believe that my family was the reason I had such an amazing experience."
Chelsea Di Donato, West Chester, PA

"!Mi familia era fabulosa! Margarita era una anfitriona buenisima, ademas una persona con un corazon de oro! Ellos me trataron con mucho respeto y como un miembro de su familia."
Christina Allen, Olathe,CO

"I have done home stays before in other countries, and this was the best experience. The house was very clean and I had my own room and bathroom. My laundry was done every day. the family was very nice and made me feel at home. We talked every night at dinner. "
Jessica Lengyel, Beacon Falls, CT

"My family was wonderful! They treated me like I was a member and really helped me to practice my Spanish and encouraged me, never making me feel dumb, if I messed up. They were so hospitable and had great food! I love them."
Alissa Thomas, Tulsa, OK

"It was a pleasure to have been a guest in Hannia's house. From the moment I stepped in the house, she and her family made me feel welcome. They treated me as one of their own. The home stay was the most rewarding and personally fulfilling aspect of the trip."
Jeffrey Zieleniewski, Clinton NJ

"They (the family) excelled in every area. I would go with them again and recommend any student to go with them as well."
Martin A. Bowie, Virginia Beach, VA

"I lived with Aida Munoz Murillo. I can not express how amazing these people are. When I arrive in Costa Rica, I thought I was going to be unhappy. It just seemed like a place that I was not going to able to get used to. However, within about four days, my feelings on Costa Rica changed a great deal, mainly due to my host family. They are the most loving, caring and wonderful people I have ever met. I lived with a host family once before in Spain for one year and I loved them dearly. Before arriving in Costa Rica I thought I could never be as lucky as to find a family like my family in Spain. I was wrong, the Murillo family surpassed all of my expectation. I grew closer to them in the month that I spent with them than I ever did with my host family in Spain. Every person in host family took care of me, not just my host mom. They cooked for, me washed, ironed and folded my laundry, even straightened up my room. But more than this, they treated me like a member of the family. I genuinely felt like they wanted to spend time with me. Some nights after dinner we would watch television together or play a game of dominos or cards. I loved spending time with them. Since returning home, I miss them terribly.. This is such a change coming from a girl who at first didn't think she would survive the four weeks. I can't express how much of a difference this family and the program in Costa Rica has made in my life and how great they made my overall experience in Costa Rica."
Danielle Lander, Bay Shore, NY

"The family was very attentive and hospitable. Elizabeth and her daughter really made me feel at home. The home cooked meals ere very tasty and delicious! I would definitely visit them if given the opportunity. Elizabeth has an ease and understanding nature. She is welcoming from the beginning and makes the short process very memorable."
Talia J. Palacio, Southaven, MS





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